About Us

With the clock ticking by, moments come, moments go. Perhaps the only way to seize time is to click on that shutter-release button. It’s all started since 2008, where we started our journey as wedding photographer. We’re Danny and Jinny, together we are all set to freeze your precious moments!

Just like how our name syncs, our passion and perception towards photography are in sync as well. That is why we’ve been able to work together seamlessly for many years. When we first started out, it was pure love for capturing all things beautiful, then along the way we just wanted to do more.

Expressions are second to nature that never fails to impress us. We love how genuine a laugh or cry can be, and over the years, we have to admit that it’s been rather fulfilling to be able to record them down with our DSLRs.

Every photograph is unique and has a story to tell. What is yours? We welcome you to share your story through our lens.

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“They offer a unique blend of documentary-style and portrait wedding photography that isn’t just about the bride and groom, but also all their guests and the thousand little moments that make up a wedding day. WeFreeze Photography takes pride in creating beautiful imagery that will move your soul, touch your heart, and quite often, bring a tear to your eye. Indeed, this is a team that truly loves what they do.” – Wedding Notebook